CXPA Finland Webinar:
CX & ROI – Getting Customer-Centricity on Your Board’s Agenda

As the world changes around us, businesses need to adapt by developing their customer experience management practices even further. Hear how our experts spoke about CX and ROI, and how to find the right language to assure your board of the importance of customer-centricity in terms of sustainable growth and increased value.

In this webinar recording, you will hear thought-provoking talks and interesting discussions by:

* Diane Magers (CCXP), Founder and CEO of Experience Catalysts, and Emeritus Chair & recent CEO of CXPA, who gave valuable insights on the topic “Connecting the Dots to Experience Value or CX Speak to C-Suite Speak” and how you can target, design, measure and achieve benefits of ROX – Return on Experience.

* Jaana Rosendahl, a specialist in Human Centric Enterprise Design and Board Member of Boardman Ltd, talked about how to move from production economy to customer-centric thinking, and how to get the customer sustainably into the management’s agenda.

* Sirte Pihlaja, Head of Team at CXPA Finland and CEO at Shirute hosted the event.

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