MoMo Kiova Goes Live stream
Jari Tammisto, CEO/President, MobileMonday Global

The State of the IoT market
Andreas Constantinou, CEO & Founder, VisionMobile

From Elevators to People Flow – how digitalization is transforming a traditional industry
Ari Virtanen, SVP, Access Control and Integrated Solutions, KONE

Track 1: IoT, Wearables & Health
Sirte Pihlaja, toiminnanjohtaja, CXPA Finland & toimitusjohtaja, Shirute (MC)

Context-aware mobile services
Jarno Malaprade, Digital Strategist, Tietotalo

BlindSquare – an augmented reality GPS application for the blind and visually impaired
Ilkka Pirttimaa, CTO, MIPsoft

Wearables + Digital Health
Jaakko Hattula, Productization, Founding Partner, PulseOn
Mikko Salminen, Head of Operations, Wellmo
Janne Lohvansuu, Managing Director, Partner, User Intellingence

Track 2: Gamify and optimize
KooPee Hiltunen, Neogames Finland Association (MC)

Donald Duck steps into mobile game business
Andreas von Koskull, Game Marketing Officer, Sanoma Game on!

Game changing methods for engagement, loyalty, virality, and monetization
Fredrik Sirén, Founder, Richen

Optimized Online Advertising in Facebook 
Markus Ojala, Chief Data Scientist, Smartly