CXPA Finland Webinar: CX & EX Development in Health Care


Customer Experience gains a whole new level of meaning in health care, as touchpoints involve a wide spectrum of emotions: from fear to hope and everything imaginable in between. David Henderson, the Hospital Director & Lead for Management Development at The Holly Private Hospital in UK has helped the hospital implement CX strategies and transformed their culture, which have in return won them numerous awards in different CX categories of various international competitions.

In his presentation, David will detail how they designed a framework of Direction / Vision, Mindset, Behaviours and Rewards & Recognition to create a customer centric organisation.

David is a qualified Facilitator and Trainer and Management Development Lead for the Aspen Healthcare Group. In 2017, he launched the Aspen People Academy, a leadership and management development course for staff across Aspen Healthcare. The Aspen People Academy is now in its third year, and continues to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Data is as important as culture and leadership in CX strategy planning. Ossi Laukkanen joins the webinar to discuss the ways Mehiläinen is currently using data to enable access to high-quality and fast information and eHealth services. Ossi is an eHealth innovator and a strong executor implementing innovative ideas to value adding services, currently leading the eHealth development at Mehiläinen, the biggest private social and healthcare provider in Finland.

As the status quo being what it is, healthcare can be seen to have the biggest opportunity to step up their measures to improve their customer interactions. As the daily demand has three-folded due to the pandemic, Mehiläinen is using the opportunity to create solutions to improve their eHealth services.

The discussions will also be joined by Hannu Meriläinen, Business Manager of Elisa Digital Hospital. He has been launching a new multiservice platform for secure communication, information and entertainment application to support the experience of health care patients, their closest ones and the hospital staff. Elisa multiservice platform is in use e.g. at the Helsinki University Hospital for children and maternity care. It is also available for supporting health and wellness of senior citizens especially for distance communications and care.

The webinar will be hosted by Sirte Pihlaja, Head of Team for CXPA Finland and CEO of Shirute.

Let us know if you want to ask or hear something related to the theme, and send us your questions before the webinar through our feedback form. We aim to cover as many questions sent in as possible during the webinar.

We warmly welcome you to join our webinar and discussion around CX and EX strategies in health care!


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