A Machine Customer is a machine that fills the space for a customer to perform activities so the customer doesn’t have to, acting on her or his behalf to interact with businesses independently. Be it digital assistants, wearables or home automation devices, many different types of machines may soon be autonomously engaging with your organisation to help their masters lead healthier, less busy and more productive lives. And some of them may already be out there, doing the bidding, booking, ordering and shopping for your customers, without you even knowing about it.

Machine Customers set new requirements for planning and designing your business processes to support your customers and employees alike. Do you know what your business needs to know about planning for and dealing with Machine Customers? Have you already defined your Machine Customers’ journeys so that you can manage them?

James Dodkins, CX Rockstar & CX Evangelist at PEGA, together with Sirte Pihlaja, Head of Team at CXPA Finland and CEO at Shirute are here to talk about Machine Customers, and what their rise will mean for your business.

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